seeing each other into existence 

safe + joyful repatterning of drip drip trauma for HSP women who overedit, overmanage, overgive and desire to be seen ... on their own terms

Soul Retrieval Performance Art + Thinly Veiled Mystery School

noun, show * girl :: a woman who generously reveals her true Radiant Essence and thereby shows the way for her sisters


Showgirl Awakening is for...

 highly sensitive women helpers like you who are looking for psychological growth and spiritual empowerment and, even if you’re a bit intimidated by it, you’re drawn to creative expression such as dance, improv and costume-like-clothing and glitter as well as embodied movement-based practices. 


Over the years,

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who…

  • are instinctively drawn to dance & performance as expression, yet are convinced they don’t have the necessary training, skill or guts to do it well (or to the level they can vaguely imagine would feel wonderful)
  • chronically over-manage, over-edit & over-give and have a hard time saying ‘no’ to helping people so they feel burned out in their life
  • have a lot to say, yet express about 10-30% (or 1-3%!) of it.  It’s important to them that others understand what they mean.  Being misunderstood is so uncomfortable for them
  • have been trying with all their might, mind, body & life-force to make everything OK for everyone & are beginning to realize that that’s a dead end, impossible mission
  • get it that “self-care” is important, but want to do it with more sizzle & vivaciousness than meditation & yoga alone offers
  • are suffering from injured instinct, and are keen to rediscover their voice and trust themselves
  • are been there, done that with therapy (perhaps years or decades, even) and still don’t have the change they wish

You may feel like you’ve come home when you join me if ::

  • You want to feel good about taking up space and being seen
  • You want to feel comfortable and at peace in your own skin
  • You desire to accept, feel beautiful & comfortable  in and love your own body
  • You’re ready to shift your focus from surviving to thriving
  • You’re set to let perfectionism go, stop waiting your turn, & enjoy the journey as much as the goal
  • You’re game to stop looking outside yourself for validation and begin sourcing your acceptance from your Source
  • You’re ready to quit editing your body, voice & spirit to allow your radiant essence to shine & begin creating the life you desire
  • You have manifested many of the things and experiences you've dreamed of but are having trouble actually enjoying them

I have a special place in my heart...

for women who yearn to trust & express themselves with confidence & radiance, who light up whenever they see the intersection of art, psyche and spirit, are drawn to Hafiz & mystic poetry, into typing systems & self-knowledge systems like Enneagram, Archetypes, Astrology, Oracles & Tarot and whose attention is rapt when they read or listen to Ane Axford, Angeles Arrien, Caroline Casey, Sarah Peyton, Carla Camou, Carl Buccheit, Cynthia Winton-Henry, Phil Porter, Hafiz, Khalil Gibran, Sonya Sophia, Charles Eisenstein and Francois Delsarte and who have a well-worn copy of Women Who Run With the Wolves.


Does this sound like you?


I’m Kellita Maloof, the creator of Showgirl Awakening. I started Showgirl Awakening because I couldn’t find both a safe & satisfying enough way to experience and express my highly sensitive self.

I love supporting women in re-animating aspects of themselves that they’ve quarantined, through deep & light conscious movement, dance, performance, intention and attention practices.

I use the *Showgirl* as a symbol for your most brilliant, fully-embodied self.

noun, show * girl

a woman who generously reveals her true, radiant essence and thereby shows the way for her sisters

I believe in coming home to the body.

I believe that our highest gift to the world is the natural beauty of being seen.

Showgirl Awakening offers live online dance performance programs & mentorship.


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