Martha R.

You are an embodiment of inviting. And I think you are in your real life, therefore that’s why this fantasy is so real for you, quite frankly, it’s why you’re feeling it. Like you are constantly inviting people into this place of play.

One of the things about your stage presence that struck me when I met you and continues to be consistently true of my experience is that you have a youngness about you, which is mixed perfectly with wisdom. So there’s all this wisdom and there’s this youngness, and part of this youngness is I believe you speak your truth all of the time and there’s nothing put on about you. There’s lots of people who do the kind of work that you do, whether it’s teaching or whether it’s dancing who are put on, right, who are make-up…who are make-up. It doesn’t mean they’re not whole people, but we get from them is lot of “la la la la la” or performers or whatever or me. It’s like there’s this ( ), but I notice about you is that it feels so clean and like the word that I go for when I think about the young part is that there’s this purity that I experience in young people that’s just really clean and honest, you know.