Mama Badonkadonk (mother of Bella B.)

Thank you so much Kellita for being the warm, compassionate, insightful mentor and friend to all of “your girls.” I loved the show and the progression I have seen in Katy Bella, Cherish, and others. Bella was a little nervous about me seeing her perform to the “Bitch” song. She needn’t have been. She has kept that side locked up long enough. I much prefer seeing her with attitude and strutting her stuff than being a doormat and being trampled on. I celebrate with her where she is and the journey she is on. My intention was joy and I felt that throughout the show. I was especially touched by Bella’s performance. I appreciate that you taught us to anchor a special feeling. Bella taught me how to reclaim it the next day. Seeing Bella celebrate herself and her body by showing it without the tease and with that gorgeous cape was exquisite and really struck a chord with me. I’m glad I knew how to capture that and have already reclaimed it. I don’t feel the need to perform on stage but I love having ways to celebrate my body and appreciate others doing the same. I just bought a ticket to the April 1 show and can hardly wait to come back for more. I was sitting where I could see you being the stage Mama to all of the performers. It was a special blessing to me to see your love and excitement for each of them as they expressed themselves in remarkable ways. Your newbies are an amazing testament to you and your very good work.