Kellita & Showgirl Awakening Reviews

Martha R.

You are an embodiment of inviting. And I think you are in your real life, therefore that’s why this fantasy is so real for you, quite frankly, it’s why you’re feeling it. Like you are constantly inviting people into this place of play. One of the things about your stage presence that struck me when…

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Joey B.

I would highly recommend getting involved with Showgirl Awakening if you’re looking: To connect and appreciate all of your opposites (masculine, feminine, introvert, extrovert, silly, serious, etc.) To express yourself genuinely without resistance To appreciate all things sparkle! Feathers! Sequins! Body paint! Pasties! To learn easy, expressive dance I have done “Burlesque from the Inside…

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Caryn L.

You are amazing In your powers to coalesce dance, community and channel love and confidence.

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