Kathy W.

Last week I performed a show with an amazing group of ladies. The piece I performed was to a 70’s kraut rock song and was inspired by snakes who shed their skins to emerge stronger, larger and healthier and by the idea of letting go completely. In the last years my body has undergone changes, i’ve gotten soft where there once was muscle and i worry now about the loss of “attractiveness” as i get older and about being seen when less than perfect. Then i saw this picture and thought, “Damn, I look shiny and powerful as fuck!!!” I think this may be what the world needs now more than ever, for each of us to be imperfect but shiny and powerful. Thank you @kellitatheshowgirlshaman for all you have taught me and much love to my showgirl sisters and Jeff Spirer for taking wonderful photos. #showgirlawakening #snaked #shinyandpowerful