Joey B.

I would highly recommend getting involved with Showgirl Awakening if you’re looking:

  • To connect and appreciate all of your opposites (masculine, feminine, introvert, extrovert, silly, serious, etc.)
  • To express yourself genuinely without resistance
  • To appreciate all things sparkle! Feathers! Sequins! Body paint! Pasties!
  • To learn easy, expressive dance

I have done “Burlesque from the Inside Out”, San Francisco Carnaval, and “Your Life as a Work of Art Mentorship” with Kellita/Showgirl Awakening. I began these classes because my MOTHER took the burlesque class, loved it, and insisted that I try it. I was so nervous about trying to “be sexy,” but what I learned from the very first class was this was not about how you look, but about how you feel. Kellita helped me shape my personal intentions for the class, and taught me how burlesque can be a physical embodiment of these intentions. Suddenly, I wasn’t trying to be sexy, I was trying to be genuinely “me” and it was such a transformation.

I have taken BIO three times, done the SF Carnaval Parade twice, and did a five month course called Your Life as a Work of Art Mentorship (WOAM). Each class I take with Kellita peels back layers of resistance that have kept me from being as genuine as I want to be. I have learned about how to choose the things in life that serve me well, and to let go of the things that do not serve me (even if it means having to miss a class every once in a while, Kellita is so supportive of thoughtful choices!).