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Group & 1:1 Mentorship Reviews

Koko La Douce

Thanks to myself for allowing myself to be who I am. Thanks to my whole surrounding for giving me this space and respecting me for it. And thank you Kellita, my dear burlesque friend and ‘Showgirl Awakening Shaman’, who taught me this way of living! I have had the honor to be part of a…

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Pamina F.

I can tell you a day with you has changed my life. I can stand in a crowd and dance like one of my showgirls is with me. I love me more. Thank you. You were the beginning of my Journey to Self love.

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Melissa B.

I’m not a “joiner,” most of my friends are men, and I suck at maintaining friendships with other women, and even though my best friend is a professional life coach and I edit all of her stuff, I’ve always found the concept hokey. But this – YOU – came into my life at the right…

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Tina W.

Thank YOU Kellita for guiding me through those 1 1/2 hours. I guess, I have never heard my inner voice speaking so loud and clear like today.

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Joey B.

This whole process is so much more than I ever imagined. My breakdown was a breakthrough.

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Lola B.

Ultimately I am re-learning what it means to trust mySelf, love and appreciate and respect mySelf for who I am and that is what matters most. This is what I am integrating at this present moment with this precious new moon and one month after my coming out as my budding congruent self.

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