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Unleash your Inner Showgirl with fanfare!


Plus May 14 & 21 from 7-9:30 pm for locals!


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Tuition was just lowered by $100 ~

  • Live Dance Guidance & Experience with Kellita!

  • Access to pre-recorded video of choreography so you can practice when you want!

  • LIVE – CARNAVAL WEEKEND with Kellita & Hot Pink Feathers in San Francisco Bay Area: May 25-26-27

  • Extra live practice in San Francisco for locals :: May 14 & May 21 7-9:30pm

  • Rental of a professionally designed and created Showgirl Costume (dancer supplies fishnets, character shoes & fake ponytail)

  • Video & Photo Keepsakes to remind you – and prove it to others!

You’re not just shaking your bum – you’re DANCING – like the beautiful and talented Showgirl that you are! I’ve trained literally HUNDREDS of women to experience their showgirl – to dance CONFIDENTLY and COMFORTABLY – reveling in their bodies while dancing to specially developed choreography. You’ll learn one dance choreography and how to enjoy improvising as well!

For those of you in the Bay Area, optional live dance instruction before the weekend in San Francisco will occur on 2 Monday evenings: May 14 & May 21 7-9:30pm.

Both local and international showgirls meet on Friday May 25 7-9:30, Saturday May 26 afternoon and all day Sunday May 27.


• The 40th Anniversary of the San Francisco Grand Carnaval Parade

• Kellita’s 21st year of participating as a performing artist in the parade

• Kellita’s 14th consecutive year of leading Hot Pink Feathers in the parade

ALL LEVELS of dance experience (from total beginner to professional) are all welcome and will experience Joy and Delight and Shazam via their participation.


22+ Hours Live Experience Available

  • Live Hot Pink Feathers Dance Technique, Choreography & Staging Grand Carnaval Parade SF 2018

  • Live Rehearsals with the Hot Pink Feathers All-Star Marching Band

Learn & Practice from Anywhere

  • Access to pre-recorded choreography choreography for home practice ~ from anywhere with an internet connection

  • A total of 22+ hours of Live Preparation & Culminating Experience Available


“I think I didn’t know how much I wanted this… Never in my life have I had the opportunity to celebrate my body in this way, and now I don’t think I’ll ever stop!" - Zoe Y.


Friday, May 25 :: Live Practice Session with our Global Showgirls!


Spend the evening in the studio with Kellita and all the other lovely Showgirls, connecting, and practicing Showgirl Awakening Radiance & Presence techniques and polishing both reveling moves , choreography & staging the dances for the big debut!  We integrate our international showgirls into our showgirl community on this day!

Saturday, May 26 :: Live Dress Rehearsal!

DRESS REHEARSAL with our Live Brass Band!

Spend the afternoon at our Dress Rehearsal!  You will PARADE with the Hot Pink Feathers & The Hot Pink Feathers All-Star Marching Band! You’ll have so much fun, you’ll barely be able to wait for the GRAND Event~

Sunday, May 27 :: The Big Day!


  • Spend the morning preparing for, staging and processing in the Parade!
  • Savor the parade at our afterparty, where we reprise the dances once more!

Today is the day! We will gather together – glamourize ourselves – and make our way to the Parade Staging Area.
From here, you’ll have full back-stage access to all the goings-on of the Carnaval Parade, while we await our procession placement.  For the rest of the day, you’ll experience your FULL SHOWGIRL – reveling in the beauty that is you – and the adoring eyes of the Parade goers.  Once through the Parade Procession, we’ll join a party-in-progress at our traditional watering hole – reprise our dances for the gathered crowd – and dance freestyle in celebration of our Showgirl Awakening!  You also have access to the entire Festival to enjoy for the rest of the day/evening. And enjoy it you will do – fully lit up by your Inner Showgirl!

Our costumes for Grand Carnaval San Francisco Parade 2018


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Unleash your inner showgirl with support, love & fanfare.


{ transformations in our own words }


What Awakened Carnaval Showgirls Are Saying...

Zoe Y

"To walk into a sisterhood was amazing…This is empowerment on a much bigger scale than I every could have thought...It’s like sexy on your own terms."

Zoe Y.

Nasrin E

"This is a life experience that will bring out a beauty that you may not have known you possessed."

Nasrin E.

Sharon B

"I kind of knew in the back of my head that it doesn’t matter what you look like…it’s all about your confidence and how you are inside and that’s what makes you beautiful…I think everybody in society days that, but dancing with these women has taught me to believe that…"

Sharon B.

Kathy W

"I could not have asked for a better experience in actually dancing in my first parade and could just feel the love and support from all the other ladies (and the band too)…I do not think of myself as a performer, so to actually be out in public dancing is no small accomplishment for me…it was also the collective joyful experience of being with the whole group that really carried the day for me."

Kathy W.

Maddie R

"Everybody just looked so beautiful, and suddenly I was included …the universal acceptance is what helped me…. This is a new experience of being a woman."

Maddie R.

2013 Carnavale - Gene Quisisem 035

"Kellita makes you feel like an experienced dancer, even if you aren't!  She knows bodies and how to break things down in order to express the pure, simple dance lines that are naturally in your body and it will feel GOOD.  Like coming home to your own personal sparkly palace.  The community of dancers drawn to Kellita are amazing, dynamic, caring, & smart.  You will feel surrounded by love and like you are part of a cast of glowing stars."

Katie C.



  • Best Dance Classes of the Bay ~7x7
  • Queen of Carnaval San Francisco 2008
  • Best Dance Company of the Bay ~SFBG
  • Little Miss Aftershock ~Miss Exotic World

About Showgirl Shaman, Kellita

Queen of Carnaval San Francisco 2008, the exuberant Kellita descends from a long line of sassy dancers.  Her Spanish grandmother routinely danced flamenco on tabletops while her Lebanese aunt entertained vaudeville audiences with her signature hula striptease.  Kellita continues the tradition of interpreting world dance through a showgirl lens.  While trained in ballet, it was her introduction to samba, burlesque and tango that opened her floodgates of enthusiasm.
Kellita has taught and performed her signature style of world carnaval cabaret shimmy shaking dance from Hollywood to New York, Montreal to New Orleans & Paris to Tokyo, leaving glitter & grins in her wake.  Outside of the burlesque festival circuit, she has enjoyed being a featured dancer in Margaret Cho's Sensuous Woman Show, Miss Astrid's VaVa Voom Room and all Tease-O-Ramas since 2002.
Kellita is a Showgirl Shaman.  In 2011, she created Showgirl Awakening life and dance practice.  Kellita believes that joy is your natural state and you can access it at any time.  She's an expert on expressing your truth and beauty through your body and has devoted her life to helping women rewire their bodies and minds to run at a delicious hum.

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Take your place on stage with Hot Pink Feathers!


“Are we really dancing in a parade in downtown San Francisco?”

YES! As a member of the professional dance community, a 21-year Carnaval celebrant, and Queen of Carnaval SF 2008, I have the privilege of inviting you on this journey! You dance right alongside the professional Showgirls of Hot Pink Feathers — together we make a massive group of beauty and radiance, and you’ll feel right at home — being fully who you are!

What if I’ve never danced — how can I join you and not look ridiculous?!

This is our premiere experience of the year for stepping into your full Showgirl glory and radiance, absolutely regardless of dance experience. Truly. I’ll be teaching you and guiding you — and your Inner Showgirl will show you up and support you too! The choreography is designed to be accessible and fun and for you to shine and feel gorgeous and delicious while dancing it.

I prepared Maureen, at 50, who had never had a dance class in her life, in 6 hours for her Showgirl parade debut!

This is my 14th year bringing out the Showgirl in women and giving them an opportunity to share her through the Carnaval parade — and the women who have joined me has reported loving the experience and being so glad they made the step. I know what it takes and know the terrain, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, like the back of my hand.


Am I really going to wear that tiny costume — in public?

I know — in my bones — the power of reveling in the beauty that is you! This experience isn’t about the tiny costume — it’s about loving YOU and your body — and feeling GOOD!
Instead of me telling you about my experience, let me share a story from one of our Showgirl alumni, Maddie R.
Maddie struggled with crippling body image issues for years and years before joining us one fateful Spring. Maddie innocently attended a Bachelorette dance class that I led and I noticed her Inner Showgirl itching to get out. She chose to join me and the other fabulous women for the Carnaval Parade. It took courage — and it was beautiful to witness! Here’s what Maddie said post-parade (and she joined us — according to her, at her “heaviest ever”):
“This is what I look like now, and not only is that ‘okay,’ it’s something to be celebrated…I can’t think of a better group of women to celebrate with.”
There is a profound and tangible self-acceptance, self-love and downright celebration of our radiance through out bodies that we unleash together.


2013 Carnavale - Gene Quisisem 002
Zoe Y

“I have had absolutely no dance experience. None whatsoever. I’ve had a lot in my head and a lot in my bedroom alone, but until now, no one had ever taught me anything…Kellita is wonderful…dance with Kellita. She makes it easy…She’s so patient. Especially for someone who hasn’t danced before.”

Zoe Y.

Maddie R

“Thanks for not looking at me any differently than the size 2 next to me. It says a lot about the energy you exude and attract that none of the other girls did either.” 

Maddie R.

2013 Carnavale - Gene Quisisem 035

“I'm also noticing that after this experience... I feel more grounded and connected in general.  No matter what happens, I have a re-invigorated deep part of my body that is home and that is immensely comforting.”

Katie C.

Sharon B

“The welcome mat that is laid out for you just eliminates any feelings of intimidation.”

Sharon B.

2013 Carnavale - Gene Quisisem 035

“It’s like a dream come true. Don’t wait!”

Holly A.

2013 Carnavale - Gene Quisisem 035

“Dancing the Carnaval with the Hot Pink Feathers is the most fun a girl can have with (some) of her clothes still on.”

Maritza S.

2013 Carnavale - Gene Quisisem 035

“I'm so grateful to be a part of The Showgirl Awakening experience. It came to me at the time when I was finally (after 36 years!) beginning to feel love for myself, especially my body. I had dreams I was convinced were impossible, and now they've started coming. Learning from you and dancing with you is a huge one! You are a fantastic teacher! So patient and loving, I have felt myself grow in self confidence and radiance. I finally feel able to work on releasing some very deep, painful childhood memories which I've let dominate my life. In your class, I've been able to tap into my inner strength to forgive myself and release so much pent up sadness. I danced and performed a lot as a child but stopped suddenly. It feels so amazing to my body and soul to be dancing and performing again! I'm grateful to you for the part you've played in me feeling at home with myself and in my body. For years I couldn't even look at myself in a mirror.” 

Bella Badonkadonk

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Your Inner Showgirl awaits!