Create and confidently perform a soul-nourishing, passionate, conscious burlesque act ... the kind that leaves you feeling more alive and at home in your body than you might have thought possible.

12-Week Online Soul Retrieval Solo Performance Art Program

 * BIO is limited to 8 participants *


Greetings Beloved,

I’m delighted to share with you how you can birth a custom, soul-sourced burlesque act, witnessed in a safe and sacred container … being truly seen – unapologetically – as YOU. 

… Without abandoning yourself in service of pleasing others

… Without performing for anyone except yourself

… And free from the need to hide, shrink yourself down or over-edit your truth in order to belong

Here’s the scoop …

I’m gathering a small group of deeply caring, highly sensitive women –  coaches, creatives, therapists, healers, leaders and visionaries – to come home to  their bodies and lives through the creation of a solo act of soul retrieval performance art in Burlesque from the Inside Out, a 3-month high touch, live online program.

You will create and perform an act through which you have full permission to express yourself, enjoy and celebrate your body, and receive adoration and applause from a circle of sisters who are there to see the true YOU into existence.

As you are.

Your whole, beautiful self.

Vibrating and alive.

But here’s the real magic …

The connection you develop with yourself through the creation and performance of your self-revelatory burlesque solo, will ripple out into your whole life, clarifying and deepening  your intimate and friendship relationships, reigniting and aligning your purpose and work, and fueling your creative ventures – from reawakening forgotten passion projects to launching your own work into the world for the first time, or on a visible scale than was formerly unavailable to you.

So how does this happen?

One of my mentors once said, “We’re only ever looking for a good mirror.”

It’s a fundamental human desire to be seen. And yet – because of millenia of patriarchy, intergenerational trauma and the shame born of them – it is also risky. 

So we hide and edit ourselves into the far away background, not allowing our full selves to blossom nor embody our core values and purpose.

We have so few spaces in our world where it’s safe to be seen both vulnerable and in our power at once. 

In Burlesque from the Inside Out, we reclaim this birthright. 

You’ll experience being seen and mirrored in ways that feel good and call you deeply into your own body and experience.  

You will no longer rely so heavily on catering your expression to what you imagine others’ desire to see in you. 

And you will experience comfort in – and even *relish* – your own skin.


This is the kind of magic my clients experience in Burlesque from the Inside Out (BIO):

“I felt whole. 
My soul was longing for this.  To be seen. On my terms.”


“I got to create me, and actually inhabit me, which is virtually unheard of in this world. And do so with complete safety and trust.”


“I remembered and reclaimed parts of me that had been repressed or forgotten – parts that are sensual, joyful, trusting and creative. I felt supported and championed to take new risks and discover sources of energy and joy that were not previously available to me.”


“My business and relationships have flourished and it is no coincidence.  I am creating my life and business from the inside out, and BIO has given me the tools to make this a reality.”


“BIO is a template to truly accept myself. To not reject my intellect, not reject my vulnerability, not reject my insecurity, not reject my belly, not reject whatever I'm tripping on body-wise.”


“BIO is so much more than peeling articles of clothing off … It allowed me to peel the layers of ‘life shit’ and conditioning back to reveal what is true, what is Me.”  


“This will change the way I’m able to navigate the rest of my life, because I have a new level of self-authority.”


“I have found a connection to myself – a connection to my soul – that I didn’t even know I had access to.


Deeeelish, yes?? 


All the therapy and yoga and meditation and self-awareness and healing changework of all kinds you’ve done have brought you to where you are now.

Bless all that work! What a journey it’s already been. 

And perhaps more years of your chosen healing work will yield the embodied expression you desire. 

Or perhaps it’s simply primed you for this work.

BIO is a unique and unusual opportunity, to come home to your body, to have the visceral felt-sense that your needs and desires matter. That not only do you have a right to exist and belong as you, but both you and the universe will miss out on your luscious, radiant embodied essence being expressed through YOU if you stay hidden and frozen in existential shame.

As you take your raw desire and intentions from concept to fully fleshed-out act, with costume, music and movements that you choose…

… you’ll create a new relationship with your own amusement, fun, joy and pleasure in being embodied.

… you’ll experience being seen as fully yourself, without feeling like you’re too much.

… you’ll feel safe to hold your own power and trust your body.

… you’ll expand and savor the full range of feeling and sensitivity of the human experience.

… you’ll be a model for the next generation of how to fearlessly take up space as your true and full self, in your glorious of-courseness.

… you’ll be free to shimmy and shake your delicious hips, and enjoy moving your body without shame, but rather with delight, glee, and sovereignty!

✨💖✨ And of course, you’ll have a newfound and deep appreciation for glitter and rhinestones. ​​✨💖✨

Here’s All The Deets (when / where / what you get) ...

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In the meantime, do watch the below 22-min documentary about Burlesque from the Inside Out ...