Bella B.

I’m so grateful to be a part of The Showgirl Awakening experience. It came to me at the time when I was finally (after 36 years!) beginning to feel love for myself, especially my body. I had dreams I was convinced were impossible, and now they’ve started coming. Learning from you and dancing with you is a huge one!

You are a fantastic teacher! So patient and loving, I have felt myself grow in self confidence and radiance. I finally feel able to work on releasing some very deep, painful childhood memories which I’ve let dominate my life. In your class, I’ve been able to tap into my inner strength to forgive myself and release so much pent up sadness.

I danced and performed a lot as a child but stopped suddenly. It feels so amazing to my body and soul to be dancing and performing again! I’m grateful to you for the part you’ve played in me feeling at home with myself and in my body. For years I couldn’t even look at myself in a mirror.